API Overview


This API makes available data stored from multiple sensors installed in a Park (see below).

Protocols and Request Methods

API methods can be accessed via HTTP.

All API methods are accessed as GET requests.

Response formats

The response format of this API is JSON as this is the current standard format used by most APIs.


The code is open source and its available for future development.

In can be called from any browser or device (laptop, mobile, etc..).


From September 2018 it was installed a new array of sensors from Libelium Smart Cities.

More information is available on searching for the sensor reference at www.libelium.com

Sensor - Reference Description
TC - 9370-P Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Probe (ºC - %RH - Pa)
NLS Noise Level Sensor (dBA)
PM - 9387-P Particle Matter (PM1 / PM2.5/ PM10) - Dust Probe (μg/m3)
LUX - 9375-P Luminosity Probe (lux)

The first generation (01.07.2015 - 01.09.2017) contained 4 Libelium Waspmote devices. The devices are no longer online but the data is still available:

Name Description
TCA 427 ABJ - Temperature Sensor
CO2 TGS4161 - CO2
LUM Luminosity LDR Sensor
CO TGS2442 - CO
MCP dBSPLA - Microphone
HUMA 540116511 - Humidity Sensor
NO2 2714 - NO2 Sensor
AP2 TGS2602 - Air Contaminants ( Gases: C6H5CH3, H2S, CH3CH2OH, NH3, H2)